Workouts & Nutrition on Vacation

Ever get back from vacation feeling bloated and uncomfortable and exhausted? Was it really ever a vacation? I hear you, friend. I used to dread vacation because I’d overeat, never move, and feel sluggish, puffy and wiped by the end of it.

However, the fam and I recently got back from vaca and the strategies I’m sharing with you today, I implemented for myself and came back feeling refreshed, satisfied, and ready to get back to my old routine. Also, sharing a bonus workout I did while on vacation, so keep reading for that!

Here are 5 tips you can take with you on your next vacation, to ensure you enjoy yourself but also come back relaxed, not bloated, and ready to tackle ‘regular’ life with energy!

  1. Enjoy the people you’re with, and enjoy the food!

What…you thought I was going to say ‘eat only veggies and avoid all carbs’…ummm, hello, have you met me?! You’re on vacation, you’re going to be exposed to different food you probably don’t have or don’t take time to make or go eat at home. Enjoy the food wherever you go! Focus on the people you’re visiting or traveling with, and focus on the satisfaction of the food you’re eating. Studies show if our tastebuds and therefore, our brains, are satisfied with food, we’ll actually need less of it to delight that craving or need for it.

2. Eat slowly and pay attention to your internal cues

This is actually a tip I give all my clients. We tend to eat so quickly in our fast-paced lives, that we don’t give our stomachs enough time to feel full which tells our fat cells to release the hormone leptin, that tells your brain that you’re full. Overeating is much easier when you eat quickly, so enjoy that vacation food, and eat SLOWER. When you start to feel full (70-80%), stop and recognize what that feels like. As we get more in tune with our bodies, we will recognize fullness better and not chase that feeling to be ‘stuffed’ in order to feel full.

3. Find joyful movement

This is where joyful movement really comes into play. Sometimes, when we’re following a specific training program, not all the movement feels joyful. Yes, we’re going for specific goals and we want to move in a way that feels good, but that doesn’t mean we will enjoy every single long run or lift. However, on vacation, I encourage you to find ways to move that truly feel joyful to you. If you’re visiting a beach, maybe it’s body surfing or jumping in the waves. If you’re at a pool, maybe it’s swimming or tossing your kids into the pool (we did A LOT of this last week). Visiting a cabin in the mountain, find a cool new trail to discover! Find ways to move that will fill you with peace and joy.

4. Try to get veggies in at least once a day

Ok, here’s where more of the ‘nutrition coaching’ comes in. You’re on vacation…you’re eating new and different foods…you won’t always want to prioritize veggies. And you don’t have to! Eating differently for a few days is fine. However, I always find that if I find some way to eat veggies at least once a day (it could even be as simple as getting a side salad with that delicious pizza), my body feels better. Vegetables help flush toxins out of our system, help improve our immune system, and help our bodies function for every day life, so getting them in even just once a day, will help you not feel as ‘overloaded’ from all the different ‘play’ food you’ll probably be enjoying while on vaca.

5. Don’t stress about it

Yep, stress can cause bloating, abdominal discomfort, and can even mess with your digestion. Stressing about if you ate too much or didn’t move enough, won’t allow you to enjoy your vacation and you’ll just set yourself up for failure coming home.

Is it good to move our bodies daily? Yes.

Is it good to eat vegetables daily? Yes.

Does stressing and worrying about that while we’re supposed to be unplugging and relaxing help our health? Heck no.

Enjoy your vacation, move when you can, how you want. Eat a vegetable here or there. Drink water. And you’ll be fine.

If you do find yourself on vacation or traveling and you want to get some intentional movement in…try this bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, and that can be done under 30 min!

5 rounds
Bulgarian split squat 25x ea side
Squat to calf raise 25x
Pushup 12-15x
Side lunges 25x ea side (no video cuz my phone died #lame)

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