Why wanting fat loss isn’t a bad thing 😱

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Happy Wednesday!   Hope you all are having a great week and ready for the Thanksgiving break next week!

Wanted to just pop in today about something I’ve been feeling passionate about lately…wanting fat loss isn’t a bad thing.  There’s a ton of buzz around intuitive eating, and listening to your body, and shooting for goals other than fat loss. Which is all well and good  (you know I use intuitive eating with my clients and my new program incorporates intuitive eating) however, I think there’s starting to be this great divide between people who have fat or weight loss goals, and people who want to focus on intuitive eating. People who use intuitive eating and coach people through that come across has not wanting people to want to change their bodies or possibly demonizing people for wanting fat loss. Now, I know that’s certainly not the message they want to put out there, it’s certainly not the message I want to put out there when I’m promoting intuitive eating, but it can come across that way.

We have this divide of people who want fat loss and people who want intuitive eating, and I think that we need to bridge that, so that’s why I wanted to discuss fat loss goals today, and why it’s not a bad or shameful thing. It’s a common goal; you want to lean down and see more muscle, or fit into old jeans, or just feel comfortable in your skin, whatever the reason behind it, your goal is fat loss. But you also want to listen to your body and not go on, yet, another diet, so you look into intuitive eating and see that ‘wow, intuitive eating and fat loss seem to not really go together’, so you feel you have to pick one or the other.


Here’s where my approach comes in, you can apply a few fitness nutrition strategies that will help you possibly lean down along with a few intuitive eating strategies so you can learn to listen to your body and not be on another diet and land somewhere in the middle.

Wanting fat loss is not a bad thing. I understand that goal, I’ve had that goal, and I don’t think it’s necessarily an unhealthy goal to have. The issue that we run into when going for a fat loss goal is that we’re so focused on that one goal of a certain weight or body fat percentage we get obsessive about it and we lose sight of other goals along the way. So while you’re wanting to lose fat and therefore, possibly working out more or starting a new workout regimen, you’re also getting stronger. You’re able to lift more weight, do more pushups, build your cardiovascular system, all while losing fat as a side effect. When we get obsessed with the ‘losing fat’ goal and forget about strength goals, it turns into a ‘what we need to lose and what we can’t do or have.’  We end up being hyper-focused over every inch or every pound on the scale and being disappointed when it doesn’t move (trust me, I know, I’ve been there, it’s a blinding and restrictive place to be) vs a more positive outlook like ‘look what I can do now, look at how much I can lift, and look at the healthy choices I’m making now to maintain that level of fitness, or to feel good, or to fuel that awesome workout.’

It’s all about mindset, and if you come from the perspective of I need to lose weight and cut back on everything and I can’t eat any of the foods I want because of this fat loss goal, you’re going to burnout. It’s so so tough to maintain a lifestyle that’s built around negativity. So instead, I encourage you, not to completely overhaul and change your fat loss goal (because, again, there’s nothing wrong with that) but to change your mindset from I can’t have that because I’m trying to slim down to I can have that if I want it, but is it going to make me feel good? Am I going to be able to work out as well if I eat that piece of pie beforehand? Should I maybe plan to have it after my workout, not as a reward for working out, but because my body will physically be able to digest, process and use those nutrients better? With this mindset, you’re merging fitness nutrition with intuitive eating to achieve that fat loss goal, without being obsessed with it.

I hope this tip helps you all realize that you can have those fat loss goals without being obsessed with them. An overarching positive mindset will outlast any negative mindset every time, and it’ll be easier to reach your goals with that positivity driving you vs the negativity that can bog us down.

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I look forward to working with you!

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