Why I take Juice Plus…

We know that as a society we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but we just nod our heads and say ‘Yes, I know, I know’.  I was definitely one of those people.  Working out makes me feel invincible sometimes when it comes to my diet. Eesh…definitely not a good mindset to have.  As I analyzed my own eating habits, I noted that I bounced between 5 and 10 servings a day of fruits and veggies.  And the 10 servings was on a really good day. Cheese is just too delicious, am I right? But still, an average of 8 servings a day, pretty good, right?

Did you know we actually need to be doubling our intake of fruits and vegetables per day.  As athletes, we need even more to combat the oxidative stress.  The number is closer to 20!  And that’s every day! Who actually eats that many servings of fruit and vegetables EVERY DAY?  Ok maybe Bugs Bunny, but I know I certainly don’t eat that many carrots.  When I learned this information, I was shocked by the fact that I thought I ate fairly healthy when I actually was needing more micronutrients in my diet.  I started upping my fruit and vegetable intake but it was tough!  It’s hard to eat that many servings in a day…and let’s be honest, it’s not always fun.  I knew I needed it though.  One good day doesn’t make up for 3 barely adequate days.  I could tell when my body was run down from working out too much.  I felt achy, weak, and sick when I wasn’t fueling my body properly.  For me, it made sense to start taking Juice Plus to see if it made a difference.  I mean, it has nutrients from 30 different fruits and vegetables.  It wasn’t a gimmick…the research showed I needed to be eating more fruits and vegetables, and Juice Plus helped me realistically achieve that.

Juice Plus pic

Since taking Juice Plus, I’ve felt more energy before, during, and after my workouts.  I don’t experience as many sore muscles because the antioxidants fight that inflammation.  I can push harder during my workouts and still have energy to care for my little one afterwards.  And I know that my overall health has improved because of it.  It just makes sense.


Now go eat a salad…. 🙂


**Note: I am not being paid by Juice Plus for this post.  I just really like the improvement I’ve seen in my health and wanted to share it with others.

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