Why I Exercise

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!

Hope you all are having a great week!  We had a lot of inside time this week, as it was rainy for most of it. Boo!  I live for summery, hot days, so the sign that fall is coming is a bit sad to me.  Although, I do love a good spiced chai or pumpkin latte…and wearing boots and scarves.  Ok, maybe I don’t hate fall so much, but I will miss summer.  Especially our walks.  I love taking the babe on a walk around the neighborhood.  A little fresh air does us both good.  Or taking an evening walk with the kiddo and the hubby.  Andrew works late most nights so the nights when he comes home in time to go for a walk are cherished.

Recently while on a walk, I was talking to my one of my new neighbors, and she said that since she had seen me running in the mornings several times, she decided she was going to start walking her dog early in the morning since she hadn’t workout out in a while and wanted to do something active.  You guys, this made my heart sore!  I actually inspired someone to be active for themselves and take action!  I LOVE that!  That’s why I became a personal trainer!  If you follow me on social media (Instagram: coconutpersonalfitness), you know I’ve been posting most of my workouts lately.  I do that with the hope that someone will see it and be inspired to workout (just like my neighbor saw and was inspired to start walking every day).  Inspiring someone to take charge of their health and do something about it is a big reason why I do what I do.

As I started thinking about this ‘why’ more in depth, I started wondering ‘Why do I workout, myself?’  ‘What’s my reason behind why I go for a run, or head down to the basement at naptime to lift?’  I decided to compile a list of why’s for anyone who is struggling to start.  This is for anyone who can’t find the motivation to take the first step at changing their health.  Or for someone who has been active in the past but is in a rut and can’t seem to find the motivation to keep going.  My hope is that at least one of these ‘whys’ will resonate with some of you and help you start something.  Like my neighbor, sometimes all it is, is taking a walk…

My Whys

I Feel Better

Post-run. Feel great!

My first why is simple: I feel better.  I always feel better after a workout.  The old adage of ‘You’ll never regret a workout’ is so true for me.  I feel more clear headed.  I feel more ready to take on the stresses of the day.  I feel more relaxed.  My body feels good.  I also feel emotionally calm.  I feel like I can have more patience with Madeleine or talk kinder to Andrew after I’ve had a good workout.  Not that I’m a monster without a workout (or, at least, I hope not ha!), but I feel like I’m more stable.  And any other mamas out there can relate when I say, not every day consists of patient, stable emotions!


Better Bone Density

This one may seem a little odd to most, but it’s something I’m very aware of.  Something like 60% of women in the US have osteoarthritis.  We all know the old line from the Life Alert commercial, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’.  The sad thing is, that happens to many women over the age of 50!  Our hormones combined with inactive lifestyles are just working against us in this area.  Both my grandmothers and my mom have all stayed active over the years, and they are all in fairly good shape and can be active with my little girl.  That hits me right in the feels, you guys.  I want that for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.  I want to be the great grandmother that can pick up the great grandbabies and chase them around the playground without needing to sit on the bench.  Now, I’m not saying we’re invincible and lifting weights won’t make us immortal without aches and pains of aging, but lifting weights can build bone mass.  Weight lifting can help strengthen bones because it forces them to work against gravity and become stronger.  This leads to greater bone density which helps fight against things like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as we age.  I want to maintain as much bone mass as I can for as long as I can.  I don’t want to be stuck in a chair when I’m 80; I want to be running around chasing great grandbabies!


More Energy to be a Mom

This one may seem counterintuitive, but it relates back to #1.  I feel more energized when I workout.  Have you ever noticed when you have a ‘lazy day’ you feel more tired afterwards?  How is that possible, when you’ve been sitting on the couch watching TV all day?  Shouldn’t you have more energy that your body hasn’t expended?  Before you workout, your body releases epinephrine which increases heart rate, elevates blood glucose levels, and redistributes blood to working tissues.  Basically, it wakes up your body to get ready to workout.  It’s like a shot of caffeine to your blood system!  But it’s all natural!  Being a mom is already exhaustive, so needing caffeine many days is a given, but to be able to provide my body with a little wake-me-up in the morning (or in the afternoon) is a must, so I have energy to chase her around (especially since she just started walking!).

Always on the move!


Be an Example for Madeleine

I want to be an example to my sweet, baby girl.  (Yes, I know she’s a toddler, but she’ll always be my baby). I want to show her how to lead a healthy lifestyle so she can feel good, have energy and be able to chase her little ones around (can you tell, I just want all the babies around me all the time?!).

In today’s world filled with fast food, desk jobs, and unhealthy self image being promoted in the media, I want her to know that a healthy lifestyle is possible.  I want her to learn from Mommy that exercise is important but so is fueling your body with good nutrition (with a few donuts here and there ;)), so that she can feel good and live a long and healthy life.  Not to be skinny, but to be strong.


Freedom to Eat

Homemade frozen banana ice cream!

I’d be lying if I didn’t include this one.  I exercise so I can eat the brownies.  I want to fuel my body with good, healthy food, but exercising helps me have a little freedom in what I eat.  Now, I’m not saying binging on homemade bread is a good thing (not like I did that last night or anything…), but having a treat is, let’s face it, awesome.  For me, knowing that I’ve exercised and earned that brownie, ice cream, oreo, or whatever makes it so much sweeter.  And more delicious.



I hope some of these ‘Exercise Whys’ resonate with some of you.  Know that if you have not worked out before or in a very long time, it is never too late to start.  Even if it’s just walking a little bit every day.

If you want to start working out, but are unsure where to start, you need my At Home Lifting Bootcamp! All the moves can be done at home with minimal equipment.  Registration opens up next week and the program starts August 27th!  I’d love to have you join us!

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