Why hire a coach?

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Wanted to pop in and address a question I got this week: Why hire a coach? I can just do workouts on my own and if I wanted to tighten up my nutrition, I could do that.

Great question! With today’s access to so many workout programs and free ‘meal plans’ online, lots of people wonder why they actually need to hire a coach. Let me give you a few reasons why hiring a coach is so valuable:

#1 Accountability

This one may seem obvious, but it’s #1 because I think a lot of people discount what accountability can do for them. When you first get a program, you’re full of excitement, motivation, and drive to do that program. You do the first few days of it, but then how do you feel on day 7? Day 10? Or 3 weeks into that program? Still have that same motivation? Probably not. That’s because motivation comes and goes and it’s accountability to build those habits that keeps us going. Having someone check in with you regularly and push you to complete the workouts or see how you’re doing with your nutrition is vital to reaching your goals Hiring a coach gives you that one on one accountability!

#2 They can customize your program

This goes hand in hand with #1, but having access to a coach that you can ask questions, get a form check, and adjust your program according to your needs is huge! So many programs are pre-written without any thought of the client’s background, previous injuries, current goals or health. Now, my 30 Day Challenge is a pre-written program like this, BUT my clients have access to me via email to adjust it if needed and ask any questions they have while completing that program.

#3 You’re more likely to follow through when you put your money into it

We all know the free programs that are available everywhere, but how often have you signed up for a free program or free workout, only to let it sit in your inbox and eventually collect virtual dust–having never followed through and done it?! When you purchase a program from a qualified trainer, you have invested money into which makes it you want to follow through more. We all know we will put more effort into something we pay for vs something we got for free.

#4 You’re getting a quality program from a qualified professional

Free programs come from all sorts of people. Some who don’t even have the training or education to write those programs. When you buy a program from a qualified a professional, you know you’re getting a thought out program with research and training to support it.

#5 You support small business

Many of the trainers I know have worked hard and studied long hours to become a trainer, and then put in lots of free hours practicing their trade (me included). Supporting small businesses is a passion of mine. When you purchase from a trainer (and not a company or big box gym) you’re supporting someone who had a dream and went for it. What a great feeling!

Hiring me for nutrition coaching or purchasing my 30 Day Challenge will set you up for success and you’d have access to me during the whole process. Let me help you get your health back and be your accountability! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about my programs, just shoot me an email at coconutpersonalfitness@gmail.com

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