What to do when goals fall through

I had big plans this year. I was going to go out for some races, get back into running groups, and maybe start training for another half marathon. Then #covid said ‘hold my beer’ 😩

Races got cancelled, running groups went virtual (nothing wrong w that but I miss running with ppl!), and now I’m not even sure what race I can train for cuz they’ll all probably be cancelled anyway 🙄

So what do you do when all your goals fall through and get cancelled? Literally.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

– Get mad, sad, frustrated, angry. Don’t just say ‘it’s fine’ (um, my current go to phrase for the past…forever). Feel those feelings, sit in them, acknowledge them, then move on. Being constantly angry and upset isn’t going to do your nervous system any good and will make making and reaching new goals rough.

– Second thing…make a new goal! Yes, your initial goals got sidelined…so make a new one! Train for a further distance, work on that speedwork you always skip, focus on recovery…now’s the time to work on those little things that seem too small for us ‘big-goal-oriented’ folks. Make a NEW goal!

– Try something new. Ever wanted to see how weight lifting could help with running, but never thought you had the time or mental space…well, we’ve got nothing but time and space now! Try something you’ve been wanting to do for a while but have put off for whatever reason.

– Keep going for that initial goal. Yes, the races I wanted to do were cancelled…does that mean I’m going to stop running? Heck no! I still want to build more miles into my runs and get faster and stronger and reach my goal. I may not be able to run the races I wanted, but I’ll still keep improving my running and enjoy it!

If you’re missing out on something big because it got cancelled, or sidelined, I see you and feel that frustration. But don’t wallow in it…buck up and go for something new.

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