What it’s like to work with me

Wanna hear something terrifying?⁠


Signing up to work with an online coach. 😬 EEEK! I mean, you don’t even know this person, and everything’s online, how does that even work?!⁠

Well, let me calm your nerves and share what it looks like to work with me.⁠

In my Empower Your Fitness VIP group you have me as your very own personal trainer. Hello 👋 ⁠

I will walk you through the program (where you have access to your workouts, stats, progress pics/data, etc via a super cool platform with demo videos, training videos, and instant messaging with ME!), and provide WHATEVER support you need. That means, if you want some modifications, you’ll get them. If you want to incorporate more running into your program, I’ll program that for you. Yes, it’s a pre-programmed training plan, however, we can incorporate updates to fit your individual needs. ⁠

You also get access to a private Facebook group where I do weekly training videos, share sample meal plans, recipes, and answer any and all questions you have. You basically get your very own personal trainer for less than the monthly cost of a gym.

Not so scary anymore, right? If you’re even the slightest bit curious, I encourage you to send me a message. Let’s just chat, no commitment. I’d love to answer all your questions and hopefully even get to work for you…after all, you hire me, right?! ⁠

Just shoot me an email at coconutpersonalfitness@gmail.com

Talk soon! 😘⁠

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