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Hope you’re having a good start to your week.  We’re enjoying sunshine over here and have spend most of our days outside and have eaten lunch and dinner outside almost every day for the past week.  Definitely soaking up the sun now that we have it!

Today’s post was inspired by an Instagram post I did a few weeks ago that I wanted to expand on.  I could’ve written an entire blog post on the Instagram post (and I kind of did) but there were a few points that I wanted to expand on and add.  If you saw the Instagram post, great!  I hope you’ll glean more info from this post as it fleshes out a few things.  If not, perfect, this post will be all new and hopefully, valuable information to you.


Last week I shared this photo…

Left: August 2016
Right: September 2017


Now, I’ve never shared a ‘transformation Tuesday’ post because I don’t like comparisons and I think every person’s journey to what health looks like for them is different.  However, I learned a few valuable lessons from this journey and thought some of you might benefit from these lessons if you’re on your own journey.


1.) First off, the girl in both those pictures is CONFIDENT and PROUD of her body.  The ‘before’ pic was about 6 months after I had Madeleine and I wanted to get back into ‘shape’ to physically feel better, however, I was so proud of what my body had done.  I had given birth to a beautiful, healthy girl and had overcome injury and lots of pain by taking a break from working out and focusing on getting healthy.  I was confident and proud of what my body could do.  Confidence does NOT come from being ‘skinnier’ or ‘leaner’.  Confidence is a mindset regardless of what our bodies happen to look like.  Confidence is a habit though, like anything, and it needs to be cultivated and practiced daily if you are to feel it.  So take time each day to say 2 nice things about your body.  You don’t even have to believe them (I didn’t at first), but overtime you’ll start to realize more and more things about your body that you are actually proud of and that are actually pretty stinkin’ great.  It takes practice, it takes work, it takes surrounding yourself with the right people and listening to their compliments instead of pushing them away.  So practice confidence each and every day and see where you land in a few months. 🙂


2.) Second, these pictures were taken over a year apart!  Getting ‘back into shape’ takes A LONG TIME!  So many people want a ‘quick fix’ or an intense 6 week program followed by amazing results.  A sustainable, healthy lifestyle takes TIME.  Be patient and consistent.  You will get there.  Don’t let yourself get beat down by lack of results in 2, 4, or even 6 months.  Keep trucking along and you will see results.


3.) You will stumble along the way and that’s ok.  Not every day was perfect for me.  I overate, missed workouts, sacrificed sleep but consistency is KEY!  More than perfection.  We all know the saying ‘Consistency over Perfection’, but really listen to those words.  We need to be consistent with our habits instead of focusing on perfection constantly.  Perfection is exhausting.  And no one really wants to be around perfection anyway.  They like the messy aspects of life because it’s real.  It’s human.  So focus on daily habits and forget perfection.


4.) The weight difference in the picture….about 5 pounds.  The scale really is a liar when it comes to progress.  Yes, it’s a tool that you can use, but it should not be your only tool.  Use measurements, pictures, and the way you feel to judge your progress before you step on a scale.  Weighing yourself consistently without seeing changes can also stress you out which works against you when trying to reaching your goals.  Stressing about fat actually makes you fat.


5.) Didn’t require hours in the gym

I worked out about 30-45 min maybe 4 times a week along with a run thrown in here and there and lots of walking.  The after pic was taken at the end of last summer, so I’m not that lean currently because I don’t walk as much during the winter (hello, snow and freezing temps).  However, since the sun and warm weather has arrived, my long daily walks with the babe have resumed and that will end up leaning me out a little throughout the summer.  Our bodies fluctuate and that’s ok!  Last summer I was enjoying the sunshine and making sure I lifting weights consistently, but not killing myself to fit in workouts and going hard for hours in the gym.


I hope this post has shown you that fitness takes time.  If you have a fitness or nutrition related goal, keep in mind it won’t happen in a few weeks or even in a few months.  This transformation took over a year and is still on going.  Not because I want to lose more weight or get leaner (I’m fine with the way my body looks and feels right now) but because I’m constantly striving to grow and get stronger and continually feel better.


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