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Hey there, friends!

Hope you guys are having a great beginning to your December and diving into the Christmas season!  We’ve been busy decorating our house and planning for family coming into town.  I can’t wait!

I’m jumping on here today to share a few of my favorite fitness/nutrition bloggers that I follow and love.  I want to continue to be a resource for you guys on all things fitness, nutrition, and just plain old life!  So I thought it’d be a good idea to share who I follow for inspiration when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Here are my top picks:


Blonde Ponytail

I’ve been following Jess over at Blonde Ponytail for several years.  She’s a personal trainer and a SAHM.  I’ve loved watching her workouts evolve from mainly running to more HIIT and Crossfit-type workouts as she expanded her family with two little ones.  Her workouts are tough but can usually be done at home with minimal equipment (my kind of programming!).  She shares her workouts, nutrition, as well as every day musings as a mom with two babes, which makes her feel so relatable.  Cuz us mamas need each other, right?!  Anytime I’m lacking on motivation or inspiration or just don’t know what I want to do for my workout on a given day, I head over to her blog or Instagram and pick one of her workouts.  They’re all challenging and I feel so strong afterwards.  Definitely check out her workouts on Instagram!

You can find her here:

Instagram: blondeponytail

Facebook: Blonde Ponytail Fitness


The Lean Green Bean

I love, love, love this blog!  Lindsay is a Registered Dietician who comes up with awesome recipes for the busy mom.  The majority of my snacks, baked goods, and breakfasts come from Lindsay.  She makes food prep a breeze and has TONS of healthy recipes on her site.  She shares insight into life as a WAHM and what real life is like with two littles at home.  Again, so relatable.  One of the things I love about her recipes is the fact that they’re simple and easy to make.  I can usually whip up most of the recipes in 30 minutes or less.  I also love that I usually have most or all of the ingredients in my pantry already.  There are a few other food bloggers that I like and follow, but they always use obscure ingredients that you have to hunt down at a specialty health food store and cost half your grocery budget to buy.  Lindsay’s recipes have simple, whole food, healthy ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive (and again, I usually have most of them on hand anyway).  She’s also a master of food prep.  Her food prep tips and tricks have helped me stay determined on my laziest weeks when I really don’t want to prep or plan any meals.  Definitely spend some time on her site and try out her recipes.  You won’t be sorry!

Instagram: theleangreenbean

Facebook: The Lean Green Bean


Trainer Paige

I’ve been following Paige for a little over a year, and love seeing her involved and thought-out workouts.  She’s a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and a new mom.  I’m always wanting to learn more about my field (fitness and nutrition), and Paige is a fantastic resource for people who are beginners and want to start a new workout program or are seasoned fellow trainers.  I’ve learned so much just by reading her blog and seeing her workouts on social media.  She’s a wealth of information regarding training and nutrition.  If you want to learn more about how to effectively fuel your body and how to make specific changes to your workout routines for awesome results, give her a follow!

You can find her here:

Instagram: trainerpaige

Facebook: Your Trainer Paige


Biceps After Babies

I’ve only been following Amber at biceps.after.babies for a short time, but I’m hooked.  She’s real, honest, and strong as all get out.  She’s a mom of four, so she knows the struggle and dedication of making fitness count when you have littles.  She is also adamant about loving your body no matter what stage of ‘fitness’ you are in.  Her mantra is ‘Working for the body you want, while loving the body you have’.  How freaking fantastic is that?!  Yes, we can have goals and work towards them but losing inches off our waist isn’t going to change our happiness and joy in life.  We need to change our mentality first, then we can chase after our fitness goals and love our bodies along the way.  I love her knowledge of powerlifting, and she is constantly giving such useful tips and information for people who want to learn more about lifting heavy and putting on muscle (ahem, me!).  She also has a love of chocolate, peanut butter-flavored things that rivals mine, so I just know we’d be awesome real life friends. LOL.  Go show her some love!

You can find her here:

Instagram: biceps.after.babies

Facebook: Biceps After Babies


I hope you found this helpful and can soak in the knowledge that these women have.   I’ve enjoyed following them and have learned so much.  I hope to one day contribute the value that they’ve contributed to my personal fitness and nutrition journey!


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