Top 3 Pieces of Equipment for a Home Gym

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If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I do most of my workouts from home in my unfinished basement.  We’ll finish it one day…along with the rest of this house, but that’s a topic for another day haha.  If you’ve seen my workout videos on Instagram (coconutpersonalfitness) you’ll see I always do my workouts at home.  I don’t even have a gym membership and honestly the only reason I would ever get one at this point would be to have child care and attend some classes.  I love the flexibility of working out at home, and I love having my own space and not having to share equipment with other folks around me.  Selfish, I know, but it is a perk!  I have a several pieces of equipment in my home gym.  It’s taken me several years to build up my home gym and it’s not perfect or complete but it works for me.  You certainly don’t need to go out and spend tons of money and buy all the dumbbells and treadmills and kettlebells to make your home gym effective.  Today, I thought I’d share my top 3 pieces of equipment to have at home for super effective workouts.


1.) Dumbbells

These are a given.  If you have absolutely nothing else to work with at home, go out and buy a pair of dumbbells right now.  Why?  Because you should be lifting weights in some capacity.  Lifting weights forces our muscles to work against gravity which helps lean them out as well as increases bone density and strength.  Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive (depending on where you purchase them from) and you can find them almost anywhere.  Dumbbells can be used for almost any exercise to crank up the intensity and challenge from squats to sit-ups to swings.  There are so many movements you can do with dumbbells, they’re really the most versatile piece of equipment you can have.

Favorite dumbbell movement:

Squat thruster


2.) Resistance bands

Resistance bands are another piece of equipment that are relatively inexpensive and are so versatile.  I love resistance bands because they can easily add challenge to any movement you do.  Resistance bands force you to focus on the muscles that are being activated in any given exercise.  For example, while doing a squat, you want to engage your glutes more than your quads.  However, most people do a quad-dominant squat when their real intention is to work their glutes.  When you put a resistance band around your legs, just above your knee, in order to maintain good form, you are forced to engage the glutes to keep your legs from caving inward.  If you squat while doing this, it helps your squat go from a quad-dominant squat to a glute-dominant squat.  Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of equipment for a home gym!

Favorite resistance band movement:

Sideways banded walks

3.) Stability ball

Stability balls provide so many fun new ways to mix up your workout.  They can take a normal chest press up a notch by working on your balance, or they can set those abs on fire when you do stability ball leg lifts.  When we include proprioceptive movements, we are forcing our body into a state of stability.  This helps our muscles work together in the proper way to increase overall balance.  This can help heal injury and correct muscle imbalances.   Stability balls usually range anywhere from $15-$30, making them an ideal tool for your at home workouts.

Favorite stability ball movement:

Stability ball leg lifts


I hope this gives you an idea of where to start when growing your home gym equipment.  What is your favorite piece of gym equipment currently?  Leave a comment and tell me!  I’d love to know!


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