Strength Moves for Runners

‘I want to run, but it’s so hard’
‘I’d like to get faster, but can’t seem to break this rut’
‘I know I should do strength training, but ugh’

That last one just miiiiight’ve be me when I first started running over a decade ago (also, am I even old enough to say that phrase?! #overadecadeago)

Anywho, we as runners KNOW strength training can help us get faster, get stronger, run longer, etc. But where do we start? Just pick a random program and go with it?

Maybe…but that won’t really help you for your specific goals if you want to get better at running. You need to be working specifically on hip and glute strength, as those muscle propel us forward in running.

Here are a few moves that will specifically work on hip and glute strength and help you get faster and go longer on those runs!
ps- unilateral movements are great for runners because it helps build single leg strength, functional core strength, and improves loaded balance, all of which we need specifically in running.

Start with doing 3 rounds of these just twice a week and you’ll see some pretty great benefits in your running.

Single leg deadlift 10x ea side
Reverse lunges 10x ea side
Skaters 10x ea side
Bulgarian split squat 10x ea side
Clam shells 10x ea side

All these can be done at home with weight or bands or without.

Let me know if they help!

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