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Hello friends! How’s your week going? I’m still over here sitting at 38 weeks, waiting for little Cashew to arrive. In the meantime, I thought I’d share how I program and why, if you follow me on Instagram, a lot of my workouts look the same.

I think recently, there’s this trend on social media to come up with and create the most unique, out of this world, ‘cool-looking’ workout movements that will ‘whip you into shape.’ The problem with this trend, is that there’s no actual movement science behind it. Do 50 burpees in a row…ok, why? What’s the reason behind doing 50 burpees? Is it your goal just to see if you can do 50 unbroken burpees? Ok cool…but if your goal is to build muscle or lean down or develop strength or run a 5k, doing 50 burpees in a row is not going to get you there. It’ll make for a cool insta-story, but physically, it’s not going to get you to where you want to go.

I post most of my workouts on Instagram, and I find they all look really similar. This is because the basics of exercise science, don’t really change. Yes, we can always learn more about how the muscles interact and what kind of stimulus is best for our goals, but in the end, the basics are the basics and don’t need to be ‘fancied’ up. The basic movements patterns, hip hinge, squat, push, and pull, are all going to be movements you need to do in order to build muscle and move your body in a way that prepares you for functionality in every day life.

The trend and desire to want to create ‘cool’ workouts that’ll make you sweat for 30-60 minutes is just that, a trend to look cool. When you come down to it, programming should be about a client’s specific needs and goals, but still take them through the movement patterns you’ll find in everyday life. If your goal is to move better in every day life, burpees are not going to help you do that. In what everyday life activity do you suddenly drop to the floor then need to explode and press yourself up (unless you’re an athlete on the football field)? Every day life includes walking up stairs, pulling and pushing things, bending over to pick something up–do you see how the squat, hinge, push, and pull patterns are alive and active in everything we do?

This means the best exercises are those that are going to take you through those movement patterns. Pushing a barbell overhead will activate the muscles needed to push your heavy carry-on into that overhead compartment on the flight. Deadlifting and squatting will teach you how to safely pick up a moving box from the floor.

Yes, it’s fun occasionally to do a snazzy workout just to move in a different way, but to do it consistently won’t actually get you any results. Progressive overload is how we get results. Continuing to challenge your body by adding reps or weight to the basic movement patterns is how you continue to strengthen your muscles.

When you see trainers doing fancy exercise movements that are not in any CPT book or workouts that kill you just for the sake of killing you, ask them why? Why do 50 burpees? What does that give you in terms of health and building muscle? And don’t shy away from us trainers that have ‘boring’ looking workouts, because chances are, those are the workouts that are actually going to get you results.

Speaking of programming, I’m currently forming a waiting list for my next Empower Your Fitness round. It will most likely be towards the end of this year, or beginning of next, but because I want to be able to connect with each person in it, I limit spots. SO, if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines just watching now is the time to get on the list so you’re the first to know when I open the doors again. Go ahead and just reply to this email and let me know you want on the list!

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