Pushup Variations

Anyone still stuck at home amidst this pandemic? Gyms are re-closing, child care hasn’t opened yet for most of us, and many of us are still working out of our homes. If you’re still working out at home, you’re probably getting a little bored of the same old ‘at home’ workout routine. Maybe it’s time to mix it up.

But how do we mix it up to further our progress, still challenge our muscles and get us out of our boring funk at home…variation!

A pushup is a versatile movement that is a great exercise. When done properly, the pushup works the chest, biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids (front of your shoulders), core, and quads. Wow! Did you know this little movement did all that?! However, different kinds of pushups can put more stress and attention on different the muscle groups causing them to work harder. If you want to work your muscles in a different way, try different variations…this is a non-exhaustive list or just a few you can try right at home.

Standard: Again, the standard pushup works shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, core, and quads when done with good form. Make sure you’re keeping your spine aligned. Don’t crane your neck up or tuck it under. Keep your core tight to keep your hips from sagging. When lowering down, keep your arms at a 45 degree angle away from your body. DEMO

Wide pushups: Maintain standard pushup form but with a wider stance with your hands. This will put more emphasis on your anterior deltoids and pec minor (basically muscles closer to the front of your shoulder). DEMO

Military pushups: Opposed to the wide pushup, this one keeps your hands closer to your body and your elbows go directly back to put more emphasis on your triceps. DEMO

Diamond pushups: Place your hands in a diamond shape on the floor and let your arms flare out. This is another good variation to put more stress on the triceps. DEMO

A few more are:

Dive bombers

Decline Pushups

Spiderman Pushups

Eccentric pushups

One-legged pushup

As you can see, there are almost endless variations you could try. Don’t let exercising at home stop you from getting a solid workout in!

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