Priorities and Mindset

Hello and happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week and has an awesome weekend lined up!

We’re going out for my birthday this weekend (although, it’s not until the 8th) to an Italian restaurant and I can’t wait to stuff my face with pasta and cannolis!

I wanted to talk about priorities and mindset today. I think we all know that when we have goals, health and fitness or otherwise, we need to take small, daily, actionable steps to achieve those goals. However, what happens when we start making up excuses like ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘My kids were sick’ or ‘I’m so tired’…these excuses tend to get in the way of our goals and we tend to lean heavily on them to avoid doing those daily, actionable steps.

I want to encourage you, today, to reset your thoughts around your goals and develop a mindset of ownership around your choices. If your goal is to workout more consistently, but you’ve missed the last 8 out of 10 workouts because ‘you don’t have time’, where are your priorities and what is your mindset? Your mindset is defensive. It’s reactive, and your priorities aren’t in line with your goals. Instead of being reactive and defensive, what would happen if you owned your choices and instead said ‘I didn’t make my workouts a priority this week’. You see, when we own our choices and take responsibility for them, we create power for ourselves. We create the power to say ‘no, I’m going to prioritize my workouts this week…the house might be messy but I’m going to put off vacuuming to workout, because that’s my priority right now’. Of course, we all have weeks where life does get busy and the kids are sick and your husband is out of town, but then we can shift our priorities and say ‘The kids were sick and I chose to care for them more instead of workout’; instead of using them as an excuse and saying ‘Oh, I didn’t get a chance to workout because the kids were sick and I was solo parenting’. The following week, when they’re healed, you can shift your priorities and make working out a top one again.

Do you see how you can have more power by shifting your mindset and adjusting your priorities? When you go into a busy week, whether with kids activities or work deadlines (or both!), you can set your priorities up front. If you know you’ll already be stressed to the max, then saying ‘I will rest instead of workout this week as to not over-stress my body and I’ll focus on nutrition instead’. That way you can PRIORITIZE your nutrition by meal prepping or planning, or making sure you’re having a veggie with every meal, or drinking more water, etc. And when you take an action that’s not in line with your goals, instead of making an excuse you shift your mindset and say ‘I prioritized xyz over furthering my goals today’. I’m here to say that shifting to this mindset and changing the words you say to yourself, will shift what you actually prioritize and may help you realize that your goals are possibly unsustainable or that you are prioritizing things that should be lower on the list. Either way, this is not a method of judging yourself, but rather a way to see what takes priority in your life.

Soaking up the rest times with this little one

For example, I’m currently making rest a priority. More so than I ever have because I’m having a baby any day now haha! I’m also prioritizing my health and working out because it feels good, makes me feel strong, and I know it’s helping me prepare for labor and delivery of this sweet baby boy. That being said, I’ve slept in past my alarm a few days this week because sleep is hard to come by these days, and I’ve chosen to prioritize sleep vs getting up early to workout. I’ve moved my workouts to later in the day and that’s ok, because I’m feeling rested and have energy to move later on. See? No judgment…just observing where my priorities are and if I’m ok with them (100% ok with getting a little more sleep these days).

Hello sweet boy!

What priorities will you focus on this next week? What actionable steps will you take to keep those priorities at the forefront?

Obligatory 37.5 week picture…can’t believe he’s due in 2.5 weeks!

Until next time!


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