Nutrition during pregnancy

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In my last post I went through what my workouts looked like each trimester and gave you an idea of how I’ve managed to stay active throughout this pregnancy. Today I’m going to walk you through what my nutrition looks like this pregnancy.

My first pregnancy was not as nutrition-filled as I would’ve liked it to be. I went a little ‘off the rails’ and actually had some pre-natal depression the latter half of my pregnancy which presented itself in me drowning my emotions in Lucky Charms. Nothing wrong with Lucky Charms, but eating multiple bowls a day for every single meal is not the balanced life I want to live. (ps- I have not had a bowl of Lucky Charms since that pregnancy, haha)

Going into this pregnancy, I knew I wanted to focus a little more on getting better nutrition into my body for myself and baby boy.


Love a good salad, but baby boy does not!

For the first few weeks, I ate normally. My usual post-workout smoothie for breakfast or eggs, my salad with leftover protein for lunch, maybe an afternoon snack and dinner (usually consisting of protein, veggies and a carb). Basic, basic. Of course, as the nausea sets in all bets are off. I was very nauseous this pregnancy and could hardly stomach vegetables, even blended into a smoothie. I was also extremely fatigued so making dinner was a challenge every single day. I did keep up with my smoothies in the morning and just ate when and what made me feel sort of human. I think it’s interesting how different pregnancies can be. With my first all I wanted was sugar (hello, Lucky Charms); with this pregnancy, all I want is salt and meat. And NO hot veggies. Something about roasted or steamed veggies instantly made me gag and dry heave. Because of this, I thought salads would still be able to stay around, but they made me feel worse every time I ate them, and I ended up with countless stomachaches after every salad. I stopped eating those for the most part and had more things like eggs, meat, noodles. More bland things that didn’t upset my stomach.

Red Robin in my pajamas…basic first trimester necessities

I also discovered that hamburgers instantly took away my nausea….like, instantly. So there were definitely more burgers consumed in the making of this child 😂

Like I said in my last post, the first trimester is all about survival. I tried to give myself grace for not eating the way I wanted to. I still tried to get a salad in here or there, and, without fail, every time I did, I felt more sick and had a horrible stomachache afterwards. My body really just didn’t want any veggies in it. Thankfully, that didn’t last.


As the nausea started to fade and my energy came back, so did my appetite for more nutritious things. Salads became my friend again, burgers weren’t as much of a need (although occasionally I still really needed one), and I was able to drink enough water and not feel sick from it.

This was my go-to for lunches!

My eating habits returned to fairly-normal during the second trimester, with one additional kicker…I was hungry all.the.time. I don’t remember intense hunger with my first pregnancy, but with this one, I could NOT keep myself full. I tried upping my protein and including more snacks and making my meals bigger…I was still always hungry. I probably ate more during this trimester than ever before in my life (except for while breastfeeding, that’s a whole other level of hunger).

Yay for veggies again!

I was a little worried I was actually overeating, but I was working really hard to listen to my body and the hunger cues and they were intense and constant. I actually gained the majority of my weight during this trimester (which is common and normal). No doubt from all the food baby boy wanted. I was actually waking up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs and a growling stomach. Gives me some insight into the teenage years with a growing boy around 😳 I was grateful, however, that during that time he allowed me to fill my body with vegetables and good protein and nutritious foods that helped me feel good and not get sick.


As the third trimester started coming up, I noticed my appetite was still strong but starting to go down a little. This is normal as your uterus is growing more and the stomach becomes more compressed. However, because I am carrying him SO low, my stomach isn’t that squished. I still have a fairly decent appetite and feel good while eating most foods. I have been surprised that so far, this trimester, I’ve only gained a couple pounds. With my first, most of my weight gain came in the third trimester. I think staying active with Madeleine and consistent workouts and really tuning into what my body needs has helped level things out. Just one more reason to get in tune with your body to know when and how much to eat based on what it’s telling you, not on a meal plan or app that limits your calories.

One thing I didn’t expect this trimester was the nausea returning…what?! I already went through that! After researching it a little and asking some friends, apparently it’s quite common for your morning sickness to return. Thankfully it hasn’t been as bad as the first trimester, but I have noticed it pops up occasionally when I let myself get too hungry.

Nightly treat until heartburn kicked in

I also have started getting some heartburn which I had with Madeleine. Thankfully, it seems to only happen when I eat dairy, which, because my husband is lactose intolerant, is fairly easy to cut out. The only thing I really had to lose was my nightly treats of Chobani Greek yogurt. I can still do cheese on occasion if we go out to eat but for the most part, there’s no dairy on the menu for me.

The BEST cereal!

Now don’t think for a second that because I’m feeling more normal, that I don’t include the usual pregnancy treats here and there. There was a week that Reese’s Peanut Butter Puff cereal was on the menu (and it was everything I dreamed it would be). I rarely eat cereal, but when I’m pregnant it just tastes SO good! I’ve heard this from other mamas too…cereal is a preggers best friend.

These taste like candy to me, so not hard to eat the recommended 6 each day

I’m also starting to eat a few dates every day as there is research it can help soften your cervix and make for an easier labor. Madeleine was a 45 hour labor with over an hour of pushing so anything easier than that would be greatly welcomed this time!

All in all, I’m trying to give my body nutritious food while still listening to it. I’m also including a pre-natal supplement to make sure to fill any gaps in nutrition that my food isn’t giving me. I take Juice Plus to fill those nutritional gaps and thankfully that has tasted good, and stayed down well all three trimester.

If there’s one day that a normal food doesn’t sound appetizing or makes me a little sick, I won’t finish it and I’ll find something else. If there’s one day I’m not feeling particularly hungry, I’ll wait until my appetite kicks in. Same goes for the days when I’m hungry all day; I’ll try to find a protein heavy meal to satisfy and fill me up. I’ll write another post once baby boy is born and I start going through breastfeeding again (God-willing). That hunger, I remember, is unreal and unrelenting because you’re fueling your body as well as providing food for another tiny person from your own body.

5 weeks and counting!

Tune in later this week as I dive into how you can continue to workout even while dealing with an injury or setback!

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