Nutrition Coaching

One of the most common things I hear as a coach is, ‘I workout regularly, but I need someone to help me stop eating *Coke* or *cookies* or *jellybeans* <insert whatever food makes you feel out of control here>’. ‘I want results but I just can’t count calories.’

Is this you? Are you finding yourself out of control around certain foods? Do you avoid bringing them into your house because once you do there’s no end in sight? Do you want to find a balance and include all food AND see physical changes that help you feel stronger?

Let me help you find food freedom and learn how to feel in control again! Let me help you find the balance between eating the foods we love and getting results we want. YES, you can have BOTH!

My clients have learned how to beat stress eating, meal plan in minutes instead of hours, have ‘fear’ foods in the house without binging, and find themselves feeling confident around ALL foods!

 [I have] better intuition for my body and what I like vs what I don’t like.

-Elizabeth D.

If this sounds like something you want, let’s talk! I want to help you reach your goals in a health-focused, goal-oriented way that won’t leave you starving or calorie-counting.