New Programs!

Hi friends! I have some exciting news today!

I have had many people asked me if I can do just nutrition coaching or just provide workouts for them. For a while, I only provided both together because they go hand in hand. It’s hard to provide nutrition coaching without knowing the workout schedule because you want to pair the nutrition to match the workouts. And likewise, workouts will only get you so far; you have to match your nutrition as well to see results.

But with the demand and now, capacity thanks to a sleeping baby, I’m very excited to announce I’m offering two new programs! The first is a stand alone 30 day challenge to help get you into the habit of working out.

You can focus on completing the workouts week to week and continue to improve throughout the 30 days! And bonus, you get to download and keep the program for life so you can do it multiple times and watch yourself improve each time! Head HERE to purchase your copy today!

The second is custom nutrition coaching! Maybe you’ve got the workout thing down or you like going to studio or gym, but you can’t seem to figure out how to pair your nutrition to go with those workouts. Or maybe you’d like to see some specific results but are unsure of which things to adjust to get those results. Let me walk you through an intuitive eating approach that will help you gain confidence with nutrition, give you sample meal plans, as well as yield the results you want! Head HERE to get started!

I’m super excited to be able to offer both these programs to be able to fit your individual goals (fitness or nutrition) as it’s been something I know people have wanted for a while. Excited to coach you!

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