Navigating Holiday Parties

Hey hey friends,

Tis the season of joy, thankfulness, love, family…and food.  All the food.  We know food is not the #reasonfortheseaon but it’s still at every event we go to this time of year.  There are many holiday parties, Christmas parties, work parties, school parties, alll the parties this time of year.  That means lots of opportunities to overeat, feel uncomfortable, ignore your hunger/fullness cues, not respect your body, etc.  Let’s put a stop to that shall we?

Here are a few ways to navigate holiday parties…

  1. Don’t starve yourself before you go.  Yes, you have that late afternoon work holiday party…your body still needs food/fuel for the first half of the day.  Don’t skip breakfast and/or lunch thinking ‘I’ll make up for it at the party’.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  And by disaster, I mean getting so hungry you can’t focus on anything but food and you end up overeating and uncomfortable.  Instead, eat a normal breakfast and a normal lunch, then, when you go to the party, you can enjoy the company of the people you’re with and have a couple of treats without the focus being on all the food.
  2. Leave the party food at the party.  Many people have holiday parties on Friday night.  Well, that seems to turn into a holiday party all weekend minus the party.  Friday night there’s a party with yummy food, which means you take home cookies and eat them throughout the weekend without thinking about how your stomach is feeling about that (prob not great with all that sugar).  Leave the party food at the party.  Enjoy your treats and move on to regularly scheduled programming.
  3. Get in tune with your body.  One of the many reasons people overeat at holiday parties is because they stop listening to their internal cues.  They snack and snack and snack (since that’s the nature of parties) but they don’t stop and reassess how they feel.  They ignore their body telling them to stop and end up overeating and feeling that ‘gut bomb’ and stuffed feeling afterwards.  Stay in tune with your body throughout the night so you can listen to it and stop when it tells you.
  4. Don’t stand around the table with food.  This was something I realized I was doing recently at a friend’s baby shower.  If you stand around the food the entire night, you’re going to want to keep eating.  It’s sitting their, tempting and you want to ignore your body and dive right in and overeat.  Instead of standing around the food table, go talk to someone away from it.  If you feel hungry again, you can always go back and get some more, but don’t linger there.


All in all, enjoy yourself at these parties.  Enjoy some treats and enjoy the company.  Know that you can have this food anytime you want.  That’s the awesome thing about being an adult, so you don’t need to overeat on the shortbread cookies.  You can make them any time of year!


Hope these tips help you have a satisfying, healthy holiday season!


In health & love,



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