Low Carb Snacks to curb the munchies

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all made it through this week all right.  Mid-week holidays always get me turned around and leave me more exhausted than usual.  Can we just make a deal that all holidays must land on a Friday or Monday, mmmk? Thanks.

I’m currently in the middle of unpacking our house, listening to the roofers replace our roof.  Holy, moley is it loud!  I’m losing my mind a little bit.  The constant banging is like a ringing in my ears that I can’t stop.  I’m grateful for the new roof but maybe we can make attics sound proof or something.  Between the unpacking (with a toddler) and the roof noise this week, stress levels are high.  When I get stressed…I eat.  Anyone else in the same boat?  The dreaded emotional eating pattern is real, and it can easily end in a binge.  The first thing I like turn to is carbs.  I love me some bread, donuts, bagels, chips, crackers, etc.   There’s nothing wrong with the occasional donut or bagel, and our bodies need carbohydrates for energy.  It’s best to have them on heavy lifting days and long endurance days to maintain your body’s level of glycogen for fuel.  The problem, however, is when we get the munchies or stress eat, we tend to go for the carbs which don’t leave us as full as long, hence the binge eating.

Can anybody else down 20,000 tortilla chips in about 15 min?  Nope, just me, ok.

When we get the munchies we need to find snacks that keep us full so we don’t binge on treats and save those for special days.  It’s best to focus our snacking on protein and fats.  I’m here today sharing a few low-carb snacks I like to have on hand when the munchies happen.  These are all snacks that I literally have in my pantry or fridge right now, so I’ll provide the links to the brands I like.  Most of these snacks are easy to take on the road and carry around with you for whenever you need a quick bite!  These snacks are full of fat and protein which will leave you fuller, longer, curbing the snacky feeling and hopefully fend off a binge.

1.) Nuts

Almonds and walnuts are packed with protein and fat with minimal carbs.  These nuts are easy to consume and will definitely fill you up in a bind!  I always have nuts around the house for times when I get the munchies.





2.) Cloud bread

This has apparently been all the rage online, so I decided to try it one day and see how it would turn out.  You guys, it’s amazing!  It actually worked!  Packed with protein and actually tastes good!  I paired it with peanut butter and it made for a delicious and healthy snack.

Easy Recipe:


3.) Cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are easy to pack and take with you to the pool, soccer games, grocery shopping (because never shop hungry!), etc.  I can usually down a couple of these for a solid, afternoon snack.

The babe and I love these:


4.) Protein bars/shakes

It’s best to find a bar or shake that is lower in net carbs or that is plant-based, so the carbs are from vegetables and whole grains rather than processed sources.

These are the ones I like:

Protein Bars:


Protein Shakes:


5.) Bacon

Always a go-to snack for me.  I like to make a bunch at the beginning of the week, then store it in the fridge to have on hand whenever I need a delicious (because, um hello, bacon!) and low-carb snack.

Who doesn’t love bacon?!


6.) Eggs

With all the ‘superfood’ craze that’s going around, how do eggs not make the list?!  They’re seriously SO good for you and delicious!  I love the variety that eggs allow.  Scrambled, fried, poached, make as wraps, hard boiled, etc.  So many options!

I recently tried this Egg Wrap recipe from The Lean Green Bean.  Genius!

Easy Egg Wraps

7.) Cheese chips

I’ve recently discovered these things called ‘Parmesan Chips’.  Holy amazing, Batman!  I bet even Batman eats them.  So yummy and so easy to eat a few handfuls, and at only 100 calories and 9g of protein per 15 chips they’re a fantastic snack!  I know you can make your own, but I haven’t tried that yet.  So for now I like these:



So when you’re next munchie evening hits, I hope you’ll be able to find a low-carb, filling snack to fix the hunger!  Until next time, happy snacking!




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