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Hi friends!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve popped in here to say hi.  Life has been so busy the past couple of months (but, really, when are we not busy?!).  I still want to bring you valuable information regarding fitness and nutrition but today is a non-fitness/nutrition (sort of) related post about life around our house lately and why it’s been so quiet on the blog.



First and foremost, I’m really trying to make my time with Madeleine count.  She’s becoming more interactive and energetic by the day and long gone are the days of working on my computer while she plays with one toy for 30 min.  She’s now running everywhere, climbing everything, opening every cabinet, drawer and door you can think of, and talking up a storm.

Because who doesn’t want to hang out in a cabinet…

She learns new words every day and is really starting to show her personality more, which is SO much fun.  It is also so very exhausting.  My days are spent running around after her, taking her on play dates and for walks to get her energy out so time at my computer is limited.

While I cook dinner…she tears apart the kitchen

I’m also on my computer less because I love that she’s talking more now and is learning new words every day, so I want to be a part of every minute of that.

The CUTEST Halloween apple you ever did see!


I’ve also beens super busy painting our new house (which we’ve officially been in for 5 months now!).  I wanted to have the entire downstairs painted by Thanksgiving and in my true type A fashion, I got it done early haha!  It was an exhausting process, but I love that it’s done and I can now start decorating!

Basically how our house has looked for 5 months!

I’ll tackle the upstairs and kitchen cabinets next year, but as of right now, I’m actually starting to feel like this new place is home.  My mom visited for a week and helped me paint our foyer, which goes as high as the second story so I definitely didn’t want to get on a tall ladder to do it.  We also finished painting the living room, hallway, 2 mantles, and half the kitchen.  Phew!

That light fixture will eventually go but look at the difference!

My favorite painting transformation, however, has to be our built-in bookshelves.  I LOVE the way they look now!  I wasn’t sure about the blue background (because I’m all about those neutrals), but it adds just the pop of color I was looking for and looks so pretty!

Love the new look!


So I know I said this would be a non-fitness/nutrition related post but you know me, I can’t just not talk about food. #foodismylovelanguage

My birthday was last month and the hubby bought me the only thing I really wanted….an INSTANT POT!  If you guys follow me on social media (Instagram: coconutpersonalfitness) you know I loved my crockpot but the more I saw instant pot recipes and how quick it was, the more I knew I wanted to jump on that bandwagon.

Hubby calls it ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ 😛

I’ve only had it a month, and I’ve cooked meals at least 3-4 times per week with it.  Oatmeal in 10 min, quinoa in 1 min, frozen chicken to shredded chicken in 20 min!  What!  I love this thing.  I’m officially hooked and will have a few awesome, simple recipes coming your way.

This sweet potato curry over quinoa was amazing!


My workouts have also changed this past month.  My back finally starting feeling good enough to run a little (with multiple chiro appts, lots of stretching and foam rolling every day, and not running on it at all for a couple months).  I missed my old HIIT/MetCon style of training so I’ve started incorporating it 2-3 times a week.  I’m loving it.  I love that I can get a solid, sweaty workout in in about 20-25 min.

An example of the workouts I’ve been doing lately

It also helps me incorporate a little running at a time each week until I build up my time and mileage again.  Currently I’m doing 2-3 days of HIIT or MetCon workouts, 2 days of strength workouts, and 2 days of active recovery which usually include yoga, walking, or a light and easy jog.


Thanks for hanging in there with me.   On my next blog, I’ll have some tips and tricks on how to get through the holidays while still feeling fit and healthy (because goodness knows, it can be tough)!

Hope you guys have an awesome week!

Until next time!




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