How to stay consistent

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  We had a great one that included a bbq, furniture shopping (always fun!), a hike and treats!

This hike was beautiful and it’s always fun to take little miss out in nature and have her experience it, even though she can’t walk yet.

Such a pretty hike!


The view was amazing!


We followed it up with these phenomenal donuts!  Even Madeleine got a horse shaped one!

Horse donut for the munchkin!
Death by chocolate was its name…

All in all, it was a great weekend!

I hopped on today to talk about consistency.  We all know the old adage ‘Consistency is Key’.  And it is!  It is only through consistency that we see changes.  ‘That’s great’, you say, ‘but how do I stay consistent?!’  Does every weekend turn into a binge fest of alcohol, sweets, and sitting on the couch?  Do you wake up every Monday morning saying ‘I’m resetting…again’.  Do you go through seasons of not working out because you’re busy, tired, stressed, etc?  This is a common problem that so many people have.  It’s tough to stay consistent!  It’s hard when every weekend there’s a wedding, or BBQ, or a party.  Or your job is busy and you have 5 kids running around, and the first time you think about working out is 9pm after bedtime, and you’re so wiped you just sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix for 2 hours (not that that’s ever happened in my house 🙂 )  I get it!  I’ve totally been in that boat, where every Monday was a ‘reset’ and I needed to come down off the sugar coma and reset to get rid of the perpetual food baby that was lingering after all the indulging.  I’ve had those ‘reset’ moments after a tough phase of life where working out wasn’t a priority.  I’m here to tell you, you CAN be consistent!  And still enjoy treats and take a few days off from working out!  I have a few tips for you that have helped me prevent the weekend binging and helped me stay consistent with my nutrition and workouts.


1.) Keep your goals in mind

This may seem like an obvious one, but how many times did you want and fully intend to have a healthy weekend, and then when you and your friends go out, the thrill of the moment overruns your mindset and emotions take over and you’re halfway through your 276th tortilla chip and second margarita?  It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and eat or drink mindlessly beyond the point of being full.  Or how many mornings do you wake up and think, ‘nah, it’ll be ok if I skip today’s workout’, and that one skip turns into a week of missed workouts, which turns to a month.  Mindset is KEY to staying consistent.  You must keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.  If your goal is fat loss because you want to feel better and you want to be in a calorie deficit, you NEED to remember that when you have a ‘Girls Night Out’.  When you want to order that second marg, remember the desire to feel confident and lean!  If you have laser focus on your goal, and remember it before ordering food and drinks, you will be surprised at the will power you have to say no.  When you wake up at 5am for that morning run, and think you just can’t do it that day, remember your goal of running a marathon.  Remember how you want to feel that day…prepared or tired and sluggish throughout the race knowing you didn’t get your miles in?  Now I know that there are days when our bodies actually need rest and it’s important to take those, but I’m talking about when your body feels fine, and you just want to sleep in.  A helpful tip is to place something visual in front of you to help you remember your goals.  Maybe it’s a pre-pregnancy photo of the shape you want to be back in, or maybe it’s a goal time for a race.  Have these visual cues around (on your phone, on your fridge, on your mirror, etc) to constantly remind you for what you’re striving.

2.) Plan

Now, I know the desire to go out and have a good time.  And having the occasional night out is not bad, it’s even a great thing to enjoy ourselves!  And eating a thousand chips and have that donut after an awesome hike can help us feel good and enjoy the process towards our goals, if you make a plan.  If you know that you are going to have an indulgent night of eating, then make sure you get an awesome workout in that day and make sure you ‘save’ your calories for that night.  Eat light throughout the day and drink lots of water, that way you can enjoy the evening out, without the setback of going your calorie goal (if your goal is a deficit).  Also, planning your workouts is essential to staying consistent.  Knowing when you are going to workout (when the kids nap, early morning before everyone else wakes up, late at night after everyone is in bed, etc) will help you stay consistent in doing it.  If you have a set schedule and you know exactly what you are going to be doing between 8am-9am every single morning, it makes staying consistent much easier.  You can’t have change, without a plan.

3.) Accountability

This is HUGE to staying consistent.  Accountability partners are there to encourage us and push us to maintain our goals.  Accountability can be found in a trainer, spouse, friend, or even an online group.  Knowing you have people who are striving for the same or similar goals and are going to be doing the same workouts, or maintaining the same nutritional standards as you, will help you keep your goals in mind (hello #1!) and help you say no to the second donut, or get up early for that workout.


4.) Have a specific area to workout

This one may be a bit odd for some people, but for me it’s key.  It’s really helped me to stay consistent knowing I have a set area that is only for working out.  For some people it’s the gym, for others it’s at home, but having a specific area meant for working out helps maintain consistent workouts.  Getting to the gym is difficult for some, but the second they enter the building, they feel energized by the movement and people around them.  Knowing they’re there to get a great workout in, helps maintain that ‘happy feeling’ and keeps them coming back.  Working out at home can sometimes be difficult to find the space, which leads to less consistent workouts.  It’s hard to want to workout when you have to pull all your equipment out of the closet and move the coffee table before you even start (although, that can be a good warm up haha).  Having a set space in your home, means it’s ready for you when you enter.  It can be just a corner of the living room, where equipment already sits, or a basement, or a patio outside.

My gym


All of these tips have helped me stay consistent over the years.  I’m not always perfect in my workouts and nutrition (no one is, btw!), but being consistent really is key to seeing a lasting change and reaching your goals.


What tips do you use, that have helped you stay consistent?


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