Holiday Fitness-FREE

Hey friends!  Are you traveling this holiday season?

How do you approach trips and vacations?  Do you want to stay active on vacation but not feel pressure to do something every single day?  Do you want to get in some joyful movement but don’t know what moves you could even do with no equipment?  Now, if you’re doing a road trip you could maybe bring some dumbbells with you, but most people who are flying can’t do that (hello, heavy luggage fees!).  Enter…Holiday Fitness!  This FREE document contains 4 workouts that you can easily do while you’re on vacation on the beach or sitting by the fire in the Rocky Mountains.  They require no equipment and can be done ANYWHERE!  There are only 4 workouts because hello…you’re on vacation!  You don’t want to be worrying about getting in all the intense workouts every single day!  You want to enjoy time with your family and loved ones, or enjoy the scenery or food of wherever you are.  Four workouts is all you need to fill your vacation with joyful movement that’ll still keep you active while thoroughly enjoying your down time.  And yes…it’s FREE!  What have you got to lose?!



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