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Hi friends!  Happy Friday!

Are you guys excited for the weekend?  Big plans or staying home cozying up by the fire?  We’re looking forward to our annual girls’ weekend in Old Colorado City (something my Gma and cousins have done for over 10 years!  Crazy to have a tradition that’s lasted that long!).  Can’t wait to share that with you and then Saturday night we’ll be heading to the zoo to see the lights!  They do such a great job every year and I can’t wait to see Madeleine’s reactions to all the lights and animals.  It’s so fun now that she enjoys the lights more!  Sunday will be our Christmas party for our small group from church, so we’ve got a full weekend ahead and I’m excited for it!

Onto today’s post…I’ve seen several other bloggers do a Friday faves post each week and I thought I’d hop on that bandwagon and share a few things I’ve been loving lately.  Some of these might be health and fitness related, but many of them aren’t.  However, I love when people share their favorite products or places to visit or foods with me so I want to do that for you guys!

So without further ado, here are a few things I’m loving lately…

  1. Mrs Meyers Multi-purpose cleaner

I know…where have a been with this?!  I don’t know how it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon but I am LOVING it!  Before I always used either a sponge (gross, that never actually cleans and just leaves germs behind) or Clorox bleach wipes (which definitely clean, but I was always afraid of M touching those surfaces afterwards cuz #chemicals), so I was looking for something a little more natural but that would still actually clean the surfaces of my home.  This multi-purpose cleaner definitely gets the job done!  I literally cleaned about every surface in my home (all tables, countertops, mantles, windowsills, everything!).  It feels clean and sanitized and I don’t mind Madeleine touching it afterwards because it’s made with natural ingredients.  I’ve tried the basil and lavender scents.  I love them both but lavender wins because that smell always relaxes me.  Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed while cleaning?!

2. Dryer balls

I recently learned that dryer sheets are one of the most chemically loaded products in our homes.  As I’ve been trying to be a little cleaner with the products I use, I definitely wanted to find an alternative.  Enter dryer balls.  I found these non-scented, relatively inexpensive dryer balls at Target.  The best part…I can leave them in the dryer!  No more forgetting the dryer sheet and having everything be full of static and electrocuting me when I fold it (can anyone relate?  #zap).  The most hilarious thing about this whole transition was when my husband asked if our dryer was a man now 😂  Hysterical.

3. Planter box

A little back story…my hubby, Andrew, is trying to grow his own avocado grove…from seed…in Colorado.  What can I say, the man has ambitions!  He roots these avocados in water until that grow roots on their own and then plants them and we seriously have about 4 baby avocado trees growing in our house!  Kind of crazy!  However, while all these trees are rooting, they are in ugly beer and drinking glasses consuming my kitchen windowsill and not exactly the most relaxing environment.  Enter Board & Brush.  This place is amazing!  It’s like those wine & paint places but instead of painting on a canvas, you pick a board to paint and basically can make your house look like Joanna Gaines’ house (the DREAM!).

4. Using greenery to decorate

Got this idea from my mom (thanks mama!) and I don’t know why I never tried this or thought to do this before!  I wanted to add a touch of ‘winter decorating’ (trying to be an adult over here) to my home but didn’t want to go out and spend $100 on decorations (goodness knows I could do that EASILY at Hobby Lobby).

Since we live in a more wooded neighborhood, my mom suggested I go outside and just cut some pine branches off the tress and voila!  Such a cute, inexpensive, and fun way to decorate!  Not to mention, my house currently smells like a pine tree which is lovely!


That’s it for this week, folks!  Hope you enjoyed the list!


Have a great weekend!

In health & love,


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