Friday Faves 12/21/18

Hey friends, happy Friday!

Have all your Christmas shopping done?  We’re done and wrapped over here!

I’ve got another round up for my Friday faves for ya…if you missed last week’s check them out here.

  1. Fairy Tales Detangler

We got this detangler from my friend who does my hair and I LOVE it!  Not only is it natural and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals for little miss, but it works so well.  Just a couple quick sprays and the brush glides through her hair so easily.  Her hair is getting so long (and gorgeous!), so this is definitely a must-have for mornings (bed head to the max) and post swimming lessons.

2. Swimming lessons

And speaking of swimming lessons…this is also on the fav list because I just can’t get enough of her learning!  It’s so fun to watch her get braver and do more each week.  We currently go to SafeSplash  and I can’t sing its praises enough.  The teachers and staff are so friendly and helpful every single week, the classes only have 3 kids max, they really tailor the classes to work with the kids’ level of swimming and I feel like Madeleine is safe in the water with them.  She loves it and asks to go all throughout the week.  She loves her teachers and is making friends with her classmates, which her extrovert mama loves.  🤗  Also, I love knowing that she’s learning a life skill that could save her life one day.  This isn’t just an extracurricular activity to keep her busy during the week…I want her to learn this life skill for safety reasons.

3. Water bottle

You all know, I love me some hydration and the easiest way for me to stay hydrated is to carry a water bottle around with me.  For the longest time I used plastic water bottles which isn’t the best for us and certainly isn’t the best for the environment.  For my birthday this year, Andrew bought me this Flow water bottle and it’s wonderful and indestructible.  It holds 18oz, which is just enough to get hydrated and force me to get up and walk to the fridge more.  It’s been dropped countless times by myself and by Madeleine, and doesn’t have any dents or cracks from falling off the counter.  Ideally, I’d like a bigger one, but this one keeps me moving and is smaller so it fits into my mom purse.  Stay thirsty, my friends.

4. Purse/Backpack

And speaking of my mom purse…any other mamas tired of their over the shoulder bag constantly slipping down when they bend down to tend to their little ones?!  I was getting so frustrated that my bags were constantly slipping off.  I tried to find a cross-body bag, and I just couldn’t find one I liked or that was big enough for what I wanted.  Enter…a backpack.  Yep.  It’s legit backpack that fits my laptop and everything.  I felt a little ridiculous carrying around a backpack for the first few days, but I love the style (so cute!) and after realizing how much easier it is to move around with it on my back, I’m hooked.

It also has way more pockets and little compartments than any other bag I own, so it’s organized and neat which keeps me sane.  I got this one at Target on black Friday and so far it may be my best black Friday purchase ever.

5. Spicy Eggnog coffee

Since re-introducing coffee back into my daily life (man, I missed it so much), I’ve been trying to discover what brands and flavors I like.  I’m still not able to go full monty and drink it black, but I’m working towards that direction.  Recently, we got a TON of k-cups from my in-laws and my current fav out of the bunch is this Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog.  It smells amazing and makes the whole house smell like fresh eggnog (the best!) and tastes so good I only need a little creamer to drink it.


Let me know what your current favorites are!  Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!


In health & love,


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