First Stroller Run!

Hey friends!

Hope you’re having a fabulous week!  It’s been a hot one here in Colorado but I’m loving every minute of it.  This week little miss turned 5 months old!  Seriously, though, where has the time gone!  It totally goes as fast as every says it does. Breaks my mama heart.  Anywho, I thought to celebrate miss Madeleine’s 5 month birthday, I’d try to go for a run…with her…in the stroller!  Eek!  Up to this point we’ve only done walks with her in the stroller and I’ve been dying for the day when I can run with her.  Her head control has been amazing the past month and we never have to support her head anymore, so I thought, ‘Perfect time to start!’.  I had also been dying to find out what our jogging stroller would be like when running with it.

You guys…it.was.AMAZING!  I ran a 5k and Madeleine did awesome!  She squealed happy squeals the first half mile which made my heart so happy.  She already loves to run and she doesn’t even walk yet 🙂  She just hung out the rest of the run and played with her little zebra toy that she loves (and by ‘played’, I mean chewed and drooled on) and didn’t fuss once!  I can’t wait to gradually up my mileage to get her used to more stroller time and start gaining some of my running fitness back.

Madeleine Stroller1

Now, onto the stroller…FREAKING AMAZEBALLS!  Yes, I just said amazeballs.  We have the Thule Urban Glide.  And boy, did it glide.  I locked the front wheel (as you should when running with a stroller) and it was such a smooth ride.  Being her first ride, I was constantly checking in on Madeleine during the run to make sure she wasn’t bopping around too much.  No bouncing, bopping, jerking, nothing!  She looked happy as a clam and was not bouncing at all.  I was a little worried when running with a stroller if my arms would tire from pushing it, but man, this thing is like pushing air.  It was so easy to control with one hand.  At the beginning of our run it pulled to the left a little, so I use the tiny gear on the front wheel to adjust it and never had another issue throughout the run.  Steering it was a breeze.  I only ever had to use two hands when I was making a 90* or greater turn.

Whole Stroller

One of the best features about this stroller is the canopy.  Being that our little girl has Swedish and Scottish heritage, her skin is like snow, so, so pale.  She’s a bit too young to put sunscreen on, so I wanted to make sure she was completely covered.  The canopy is so huge that, because of the direction we turned, I only ever had to adjust it once, because the sun was in her eyes.  The rest of the time, the shade completely covered her, head to toe.  There is also an awesome flap on the back that you can open to let airflow in, so it doesn’t get too hot under the canopy.  Another great feature (there are so many), is that the seat reclines back to almost flat.  This is GREAT for little ones who can’t sit up yet.  Overall, I’d recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a solid jogging stroller.  I can’t wait to go for another run with her in it!

Madeleine and I stroller


*NOTE: Thule did not pay me to write this review.  I’m just a happy mother runner who wanted to share her experience.

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