Coming back after an indulgent weekend

Hey friends!  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you all are having a great week.  We’ve been busy this week diving right into unpacking and trying to get settled in the new house.  Now that we’re not traveling anymore we can actually unpack our suitcases!  It felt so good to put my toothbrush in a permanent place in my medicine cabinet 🙂

We went to Nashville this past weekend for my brother-in-law’s wedding (Congrats Kevin and Autumn!).

We totally treated ourselves to all the BBQ.  They definitely do it right there.  I had brisket, ribs, BBQ chicken sandwiches, pork, green beans cooked in bacon fat (um, hello!), and cornbread.

Instead of cake the newlyweds had donuts!  That may make it the best wedding I’ve ever been to.  I had about 638 donuts that evening along with all the wine.

I also only got in one workout over the course of the trip cuz #nonnappingtoddler.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bite and moment, but I definitely needed a reboot when we got back.  I know we’ve all had those indulgent weekends where Sunday night we’re groaning from the weight of our stomachs and have a slight ‘sugar hangover’.  I wanted to share some tips today to coming back after an indulgent weekend.


We ALL have weekends where we enjoy our time with friends and family and enjoy all.the.goodies.  First thing I want you to do, is FORGET THE GUILT!  Enjoy those moments!  Embrace the donuts and wine and bbq!  Know that it doesn’t happen every day or every weekend (if it does, that’s a separate issue) and enjoy it.  Do not feel guilty about it because that will only send you down a black hole of despair.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic but we all know how easy it is to focus on the guilt and forget the fun times we had.  I want you to love those fun times and look back on them with fondness, not guilt.


Many people feel like if they’ve had one bad meal, the day is lost and they might as well eat poorly for the rest of the day/trip/week/whatever.  One unhealthy meal doesn’t mean you’re going to gain 10 pounds!  If you have an all or nothing mindset for the day then you will continue to eat unhealthily.  However, if you understand that each meal time or snack time is an opportunity to make healthier choices than you can make it through the day and feel good about your choices at the end of it.


Weekends are a busy time for us, so I tend to make those my active recovery days.  I rarely have time to workout on the weekends because of our schedule.  However, when Monday rolls around, I feel like it’s a chance to start fresh.  If I’ve had an indulgent weekend (like this past one) I know I can use those extra calories and carbs for energy and have an awesome workout.  I remind myself that my body is amazing, and can convert that food into energy which pushes me through my workout.

I hope these tips help you the next time your weekend is overly full of delicious snacks and treats.  Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed and one unhealthy weekend shouldn’t bring you down!


Have a great weekend!

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