At Home Lifting Bootcamp at new LOW price!

Happy Monday guys!  Hope you had a fun-filled yet restful weekend!


I’m hopping on real quick, to let you know another round of my At Home Lifting Bootcamp is open for registration!  And it’s at a new low price!  Being new to the entrepreneur game, I know I’ll make mistakes, and one of them I’ve already made.  When pricing my bootcamp, I looked at what other trainers were offering and for how much and tried to decide where my bootcamp fell amongst those other programs.  However, I forgot to take into account a crucial value I want to maintain in my business: affordability.  I’m not lowering the price to be the cheapest on the block or to draw people in only because it’s cheap.  I want to be able to have affordable and valuable programs and products that all women can afford!  I decided to lower the price of the bootcamp with the hope that women will not be restricted by finances if they want to take control of their health.  The bootcamp is now only $54!  That’s almost half the price is was originally!  I’m so excited to see what doors this opens for people and to hopefully work with more women.


This bootcamp includes:

-6 weeks of workouts (5 workouts per week)!

-Access to demo videos of each and every move along with modifications!

-Sample one-week meal plan with recipes I use!

-Access to a private Facebook accountability group!

I hope I get to work with you and that, together, we can accomplish some amazing changes!

Join the At Home Lifting Bootcamp today!

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