About Me


Hi! I’m the coconut! My name is Coéle, and I’m a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I live in Monument, CO and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, lifting heavy things, running, baking, and all things peanut butter (and really all things involving food).

I began running in 2009 as an initial step on a journey towards a healthier life. My husband joined me in that journey about a year later. After running my first marathon in 2012, a fire was lit within me to learn more about running, nutrition, personal fitness, and how it all worked together to forge a healthier lifestyle. I was constantly reading articles and books and talking to people in the fitness industry; and the more I learned, the more my own journey towards a healthier life grew, and the more I wanted to share that journey with others and help others start their own journey. That’s why I decided to become a personal trainer. I wanted to share my love of fitness and healthy living with others.

Shortly after becoming a personal trainer I had my sweet, baby girl, Madeleine, and quickly realized how tough it was to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a little one.  My passion morphed from wanting to inspire healthy living to wanting to inspire moms and help them fit fitness in amidst the chaos of every day life.  Because let’s be honest, those little ones don’t give us much time without chaos, am I right?!

My workouts now have less long distance running and more quick, effective weight training and HIIT workouts.  This blog is a way to share my life as a personal trainer, wife, and mom as well as be a resource for other moms wanting to live healthy lifestyles. I’d like to share my successes and struggles along with workouts, healthy recipes, training tips, and little drippings of life with a toddler. I can’t wait to meet more of you and hear about your journeys!