A reboot and a new addition…

It’s been a year since my last blog post. Yikes!  It’s been an insanely busy year mainly due to our new addition.  I had a baby! Sweet, little Madeleine Aubrey arrived March 2nd and we could not be more blessed.  She’s adorable and healthy, and really, what else do you need from a babe?


My pregnancy was a busy one and personal training and Juice Plus were put by the wayside.  Now that the little nugget is 3 months old and sleeping through the night (woohoo!), I’ve rebooted my blog and I’m ready to gear back up again and dive right in this world of small business ownership while documenting this postpartum journey of getting back into pre-pregnancy shape.  I’ll do a longer post on that later and will continue to post about life as a new mom and business owner, as well as sharing my workouts, eats, and daily life.  Thanks for following this journey with me!

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