A leap of faith…

Happy Tuesday to you all!

This weekend was nerve-wracking but oh so wonderful.  Firstly, we live in a great neighborhood, with a great community that caters to small businesses.  I have kept my eye on the business and networking group in the neighborhood in hopes that I might join them and get some potential leads for new training clients or Juice Plus customers.  Then I remembered (about 2 weeks ago) that they were holding a vendor fair this past Saturday.  I was hesitant to sign up because my website and business was not set up how I wanted.  I hadn’t even bought my business name yet!  I thought, how will I be able to sell a service or product that I just started and don’t have finalized yet?!  Well, I took a leap of faith and signed up, hoping everything would be, at least minimally, set up before the fair.  I had a week and a half to set up my business, get insurance, set up a website, make flyers, get business cards, and so many more things on a to do list 10 miles long.  I went into overdrive to get everything done and didn’t sleep much, and it was worth every second of missed shut-eye.  The vendor fair went great and I had my own booth featuring Coconut Personal Training and Juice Plus.  I had about 4 people ask me about it before the fair even started!  What an exciting way to start a day I had been so nervous about for a week and a half straight.  We were pretty steady all day long and had over 100 people attend!  It was such a great opportunity for me to share my heart for health and wellness as well as get good practice explaining my businesses and what services and products I want to offer.  I was asked many questions; some of which I could answer, and some I had to say ‘I’ll get back to you on that.’  It actually felt really great to stretch my wings and dive in head first.  The questions that I didn’t know the answers to, were great questions that I’m sure I’ll get in the future and be fully prepared for them after this weekend.  I got several leads and felt so full of hope at the end of the day and so grateful that I had taken this leap of faith.  Special shout out to my hubby, Andrew, who helped me pull everything together last week and even brought me a few things from home after I’d forgotten them for the fair.

Vendor fair table

I also had two great friends and fellow Juice Plus distributors stop by for added encouragement.  You guys, it was such a blessed weekend, so keep in mind, any time you want to take a leap of faith but are unsure of the outcome and nervous for the preparation and execution of it…just do it.  You never know what amazing things will come of it.

Me and girls at fair



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