5 Tips for At Home Workouts

Hi friends!

Just over here working on getting over mastitis and being at the doc office 3 times in 2 days during a pandemic…super normal right? I’m pretty good at pushing through pain and sickness but this has really wiped me out. Taken two naps the past couple of days and held off writing this blog post in lieu of rest. But after a little rest I think I can manage a single blog post haha.

Anywho, since we’re in this interesting time and all gyms are closed for the foreseeable future (and even when they open, how many people will really go back right away?) most everyone is working out at home. I wanted to give you some practical tips to workout at home that will make for effective workouts.

Tip #1: Use what you have

Don’t worry about having a full set up with weights, machines, bands, etc. Use what you have. Whether that’s dumbbells, a single barbell, a treadmill, whatever! You can get an effective workout no matter the equipment.

Tip #2: Bodyweight is effective

Along the same lines as Tip #1, if you have no equipment, just use your own body and work against gravity. Pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, running, etc are all effective ways to work your muscles, get your heart rate up and get a great workout in.

Tip #3: Switch it up

Take this time to do something different. Are you normally inside lifting weights every workout? Maybe try to go for a run outside or a hike in the mountains, or do a bodyweight workout with your kids. Or try a different program that you can do from your living room. This may be a good time to experiment with other activities and find something else you like that’ll still keep you in shape. You never know, you may just find something that peaks your interest that you’d never try if we weren’t in quarantine. #silverlining

Tip #4: Use DVDs, Youtube videos

There is no shame in breaking out those old Denise Austin or P90X DVDs during this time. There are tons of videos, streaming services, membership programs out there that provide great at home workouts. Even Youtube has great, free workout videos.

Tip #5: Use a trainer who has at home workouts

There are lots of online trainers, including yours truly, that have online workout programs with workouts and exercises specifically meant to do at home. My Empower Your Fitness VIP group gives you new workouts each month that can be done at home, weekly check ins, training videos, nutrition plans, and more! If you’re weary about returning to the gym during this uncertain time, join my group!

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