1-on-1 Training


Are you ready to COMMIT to working out again? 

Are you ready to COMMIT to living a healthy lifestyle? 

Do you not know where to start? 

I want to help you!  This training is for people who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and understand that it takes TIME to see results.  I only take on clients willing to make at least a 3 month commitment to training.  This is NOT a 6 week bootcamp or a quick fix.  This is smart, effective training paired with intuitive eating and nutrition that does NOT restrict your food choices or involve calorie counting.  With this training, each week you will get…

– Weekly custom workouts that you can do at home with just a set of dumbbells
– A set of balanced recipes to help you meal plan your week
– Advice on nutritional approaches that WILL NOT include restriction or cutting out your favorite foods!
– A weekly check-in call for accountability, updates, questions and encouragement!
– Access to me via email at any time for questions, concerns, modifications, and anything else you need!

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