My mission is to help you fit in health and fitness into the chaos of everyday life.  As a mom, I know how busy our days are and how precious our time is.  I also know that if we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot care for our little ones, so make yourself a priority and find the right program for you!

Join my 6 week program that takes you through 3 phases of workouts paired with fitness nutrition to yield REAL results.

Take on the challenge of 30 days of at home workouts that can establish healthy habits.

Have the workouts down, but need some help in the kitchen? Get customized nutrition coaching that will provide you the results you want without the restriction or calorie counting.

Can I just say how much I appreciate this program and my daily workouts? With everything upside-down right now, I know myself well enough that if it weren’t for the accountability these workouts create, I would do nothing…all day. Instead I have these amazing workouts that keep me moving and feeling strong!

-Audrey S.
working mom

I really like the workouts. They have felt more challenging but in a better programmed sort of way, not crazy hurt yourself sort of way.

-Elizabeth D
full time job & student

I was stressed all day and kept thinking I wanted a snack or a cookie or something. But I remembered to continually assess whether I was actually hungry or if I just wanted to stress-eat. I was not hungry at all. I just kept drinking my water, took a break from my desk without visiting the vending machine and made it through the day without stress-eating.

-Rachel D
full time mom